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I awoke before the alarm this morning to find my cat Laci sitting over my head and starring at me.  No matter how often she does this, I find it more than a bit freaky to open my eyes to find fierce yellow ones intensely trying to send me mental messages.

What is she thinking at such moment? If its ‘Get you lazy butt out of bed!” It worked.  But perhaps there something more philosophical involved and to that I will never know.

She is though an old lady at 16 and hugely demanding.  We went from ‘wake up vibe’ stares to meows to turn on the tap in the bathtub because she only likes fresh water.  After a good cuddle, I threw her out for her morning constitutional, but right now she is threatening to scratch the glass out of my window in trying to tell me to let her back in (alas, we don’t have a cat flap).

And have I told you how much I LOVE my cat! 
But as cute as she is … do you blame me?


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