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Just not feeling it

I get bored doing yoga

I got depressed when I tried mediating

I don’t think herbals have any true redeeming qualities

I get hungry when the word ‘detoxing’ is mentioned

I have never been on a diet (actually I have brownies in the oven)

I struggle with self-help books of any kind

I do wonder why anyone would do any of the above …


Recently I was travelling back from Kenya and I encountered two British women dressed like Ali Bamba with sparkly head gear, the type of balloon trousers I found fun in the seventh grade and so many brightly wound scarves.   With all their garb its no wonder they stood out, but for me it was the coal marked eyes that accentuated their tiredness and age. They were at least in their 60s and just way too old to be playing such dress up.  Only when I saw the man they were shadowing – some type of mystic sheik – that it all became clear.


And so I wonder about those who struggle through the above under the guise of healthiness or enlightenment.  The latter worries me as why can’t they just turn to God?  Why is such sacrifice required when really all that is needed is God’s grace?  And yet so many women (oddly only women) I know and respect swear by at least one of the above.  And while I am sure most will not end up like those two women following in slight madness a man 30 years younger with charisma, maybe I am missing something.


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